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March 2019

God’s Favor – Ruth 2

God’s Favor
Coincidence?  With the timing, the places, and the relationships all working out just right, is it just coincidence for Naomi & Ruth?
Maybe in the midst of everyday life, we can see God’s care and concern in real life?

God of Real Life – Ruth 1

God  of Real Life – Loneliness, hopelessness, and the realization of aging.  With the death of Naomi’s husband and sons, her feelings of helplessness and uncertainty were overwhelming.

There is no hope.  There are no options.  What do you do in such bleak situations?


February 2019

Explore God – Can I Know God Personally

As humans, we crave relationships and intimacy. Is it possible to know God personally? Yes! The way to knowing God is not by striving and trying harder. It’s through knowing and following Jesus. 

Explore God – Is the Bible Reliable?

Is The Bible Reliable? – The Bible can be shown to be a reliable document.  It is  accurately recorded and transmitted through history. It is relevant to life in the 21st century. Come explore with us.

Explore God – Is Jesus really God?

Was Jesus just a good man, a respected teacher? Was he a lunatic? Or was he something far more? With intention or by default, every person asks the question, “Is Jesus really God?” The overwhelming evidence points to the truth of his divinity.  Explore with us life’s most fundamental, existential questions. We’ll journey together to find meaning, purpose, and truth.

Explore God “Is Christianity too Narrow?”

Is Christianity too Narrow?  People try to bridge the Gap between God and us, the seen and unseen, the temporal and eternal. Religion is humanity’s attempt to reach God. Christianity is God’s attempt to reach humanity, through Jesus, God extends grace to everyone. His Gift is broad, available to anyone who will receive it.

January 2019

Explore God “Why does God Allow Pain & Suffering?”

Week 3 of the Explore God Series – “Why does God allow Pain and Suffering?” We have all been been affected by pain and suffering. We can’t solve the issue.  The pain and suffering can’t be minimized. We can’t tell you it will get better with more faith. The question we need to ask ourselves is how we will respond.  Will we ask, “Why me?” or “What Now?”

Explore God – Is there A God?

Explore God – Is There a God? Most of us “hope there’s something else out there.” And the thoughts people have about God are as diverse as the people who’ve thought them. Questions #2 of 7 People ask. Hear what the Bible says about this question.

Explore God- What Is the Purpose Of Life?

Explore God – What is the Purpose of Life? What is the meaning of life? Does life have a purpose? Does everyone have a purpose? One of the top 7 Questions People ask. Hear what the Bible says about this question.


July 2018

Lord of the Sabbath – Mark 2:23-3:6

Lord of the Sabbath – Religious rule keeping and the priority of human need are at odds here, when it comes to keeping the Sabbath.  The Sabbath was made for God’s people in order to restore and renew them physically and spiritually.

Jesus Displays his Power – Mark 1:21-2:12

Jesus teaches with authority.He heals diseases, and the crowd loves it! He declares the paralytics sins forgiven. The religious leaders bristle in the midst of Jesus’ popularity.  He spends time alone with the Father.

Calling – Mark 1:14-20 (& Mark 2:13-17)

Calling – Jesus abruptly appears by the Sea of Galilee. He calls unsuspecting fisherman to be disciples, part of a community of followers. Jesus’ call is to follow him. This is God’s calling of us – a command with a promise, followed by obedience, with lives that will never be the same again. The force of Jesus’ call propels them to follow him.  Does it do the same for you?

The Beginning of Jesus Ministry – Mark 1:1-13

The book of Mark starts in the wilderness. Then Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, signifying his following God’s call for him to bring out of the wilderness new life. The devil who tempts him, the beasts with him, and the angels who attend to him, all acknowledge that Jesus is the one who brings God’s victory.

June 2018

4 Principles of Sabbath Keeping – Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 5:12-15

We tend to confuse Sabbath with ‘a day off’ and it messes us up. Sabbath is more than just a day off. How do we practice Sabbath? There are 4 principles – Stop, Rest, Delight, and Contemplate.

May 2018

STOP!!! – Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 5:12-15

The world is dying for lack of rest. We are working ourselves to death. God, in his wisdom, gave us the answer – Sabbath. Sabbath means “STOP!” It sounds so negative. But, God gave us Sabbath not to limit what we can do but free us to live more fully. In order to restore our souls, in order to refill our lives, in order to fill us with joy, maybe we should open the gift of the Sabbath?

Work and Rest – A Sacred Rhythm – Genesis 1, Exodus 20:8-11, Deuteronomy 5:12-15

God didn’t create us to be production machines. God didn’t create us to be constantly busy. God created us to enjoy what he created. He created us to enjoy a relationship with himself, relationships with others, and enjoyment of his creation.

June 2018


Baptism is a sacrament, a sign of the covenant a gift of God, to remind us of who he is, what he has done, who we are, and what it means to be in the family of God.

May 2018

Just the Way God Made Us, Part 1 – Small Church Essentials

God has made Horizon the church he wants us to be. So, if we are just the way God made us, we are called to “be” that well. Instead of asking “Our church is small, so what?” we can ask, “Our church is small, now what?” and live out who God calls us to be. We’ll look at how God calls us to be a strategic, healthy, and a great small church.

May 2018

Celebrating The Lord’s Supper Prayer Service

There are many different perspectives or themes that explore the richness of the Lord’s Supper. We will explore 6 themes in the service: remembering, proclamation, fellowship, thanksgiving, self-examination, expectation.

April 2018

Love of God’s Word – Proverbs 3

God’s Wisdom is found in his Word. Knowing the word, and keeping it in your heart, then living it out, brings God’s blessings to our lives.

Love of God’s Word – Psalm 119

God has given us his word, the Bible, not just for the sake of giving us information. Through his word, God reveals himself. The author of Psalm 119 devotes himself to God’s instructions for life and holds onto God’s promises for obedient living. It is a call to be devoted to the word of God and to the God of the word.


April 2018

Encountering Jesus on the Road Luke 24:13-35 & Acts 9:1-9

Road to Emmaus and Road to Damascus. Traveling on the roads of life, we encounter Jesus. Sometimes it’s really obvious – like Saul on the Road to Damascus. Sometimes we realize looking back that Jesus has been there all along – like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus. Part of traveling through our lives is opening of our eyes to the constant presence of Jesus.

He is Not Here – Matthew 27:62-28:15

Jesus rose from the dead. He is not there. Mary and Mary meet Jesus on the road and realize that he is risen. Then Jesus tells them to tell the disciples. The Pharisees realize this as well, but they don’t want the truth to come out, so they come up with a conspiracy to deny the truth. The truth is – Jesus is Alive! Are we going to admit this or deny it?

March 2018

They Shouted “Crucify Him” – Matthew 27:11-31

Here is the choice – release a convicted murder or release a perfect man. Seems easy, doesn’t it? But maybe it’s not? Who is more dangerous? The perfect Christ, who has authority over us, who convicts us of our sin and makes us realize who we are before a Holy God, or a know criminal who has done things much worse than we have?

Betrayal – Matthew 26:47-27:10

Betrayed. Not only by one of his disciples, Judas, but by one of his closest friends, Peter. Jesus is betrayed, not only by his disciples, but by each of us in our life as well. The question for us then is this: How do we respond? Judas and Peter both felt remorse. But there was a major difference: Peter repented, Judas felt regret and remorse. What is our response?


March 2018

Growing in Faithful Giving – Part 2: Our Response

Stewardship and faithful giving: It’s a spiritual issue. Will we follow Jesus as Lord by trusting him and following his instructions? Will we surrender ourselves fully so that we can experience the blessings that he promises?

Growing in Faithful Giving – Part 2: Our Response

Stewardship and faithful giving: It’s a spiritual issue. Will we follow Jesus as Lord by trusting him and following his instructions? Will we surrender ourselves fully so that we can experience the blessings that he promises?

February 2018

Growing in Faithful Giving – Part 1: God’s Teaching

The inbreaking of God’s Kingdom leaves no part of our lives untouched and that includes the relationship to money. God’s instructions throughout the whole Bible about the faithful use of what he gives us includes our giving back to him.

Generosity – a Reflection of the Soul

Out of God’s abundance, he is generous to us in mercy and love. As followers of Christ, we are called to reflect God’s generosity. We are called to be rich in good deeds, be generous, and willing to share. Reflecting God’s generous heart comes with a blessing.

Stewardship – Our Relationship with Our Stuff

There is a direct connection between our spiritual maturity and health and our attitudes and actions regarding our money and possessions. Jesus teaches more about our relationship to our money and possessions than heaven or hell, faith, or prayer. How we view these things is of eternal importance.