September 2020

Life Lessons

2 Samuel 22   At the end of life, when looking back at the good and the bad, we can still see that God was at work.  David saw 4 important lessons that he learned 1) when things are uncertain, God is our only security, 2) when things are dark, God is our light, 3) […]

August 2020

The Consequences of Sin

The consequences of David’s sin was huge – he lost his son at birth, as God said he would; his family fell apart morally; Absalom, his son, rebelled against him; his leadership was lost. How do we face the consequences of our sin?   Watch Here

What a Mess!

 Samuel 11:1-12:14 The Bible never flatters those who are used by God.  David really messed up.  And he messed up in how he handled it.  But then, we mess up too, and mess up the clean-up.  Covering up, excusing, or justifying sin never works in dealing with it.  The only thing that does is repentance. […]

When God Says “No”

2 Samuel 7   What happens when we have a dream for our life and God says “no”?  David had the desire to build a Temple for the Lord.  The Lord said no, that was not for him to do.  What do we learn from David in how to deal with that?   Watch Here

Cutting Corners

It was just a corner of a robe.  But, David was “conscience-striken.”  Why?  Because David, like each of us, is called to follow and obey God in the little things, when it seems that it doesn’t matter.  And he realized that there are some things he is responsible for and some things only God is […]


NOTE: The volume is low on this video and audio.  It was our first time streaming on Facebook.  It is best heard with earplugs or an amplified speaker.   1 Samuel 22:1-5   David has been brought to a place of suffering, a place where God can truly begin to shape him and use him.  […]

July 2020

Lions & Bears & Giants, oh my!

  When things ahead of us look too big to overcome, who are we going to trust? We won’t face a giant in our life, but we will face times where we need to trust God. In the midst of intimidating experiences, will we do it our way or will we do it Gods?   […]

A Heart Perspective

King Saul was a real work! So, God was going to replace him with a man after his own heart. But who is that and how is he chosen? Samuel, a prophet of God, has his own ideas, but listens to the Spirit as he chooses David.   We look at the outward appearances. But, […]