October 2020

Dealing with Divisive People

2 Timothy 2:22-26, Titus 3:9-11   What do you do when someone is trying to rope you into an argument? Into taking sides? And how do you deal with the person who constantly sows division?   Watch Here

The Proper Use of Scripture

2 Timothy 3:10-17   The Bible is for planting seeds in the hearts of people. Sometimes, though, people use the Bible as a Weapon and verses as bullets to shoot at those we disagree. One is good for building up, one is good for tearing down.  How do we best use God’s Word?   Watch […]

Principles for Disagreeing

Romans 14   How do we deal with disagreements among one another? In the middle of a divisive issue in the church in Rome, Paul reminds us to follow the example of Jesus, who loved, welcomed, and put others first.   Watch Here

September 2020

Reacting to “Those” People

Matthew 5:43-48   There will be people that we will disagree with, sometimes strongly. That’s reality. But how do we react and interact with those who we don’t see eye to eye? We are called to love and pray for them!   Watch Here

A Humble Heart

James 1:19-21   In divisiveness, what is the posture of our heart supposed to be?  It should be humility – listening before spouting off our pre-decided opinion; seeking understanding; realize that relationships are more important than being right.  Is this the posture of our hearts?   Watch Here

Conflict in the Church

Acts 15:36-41 Conflict is nothing new in the church today.  It was present in the early church with its leaders that walked with Jesus.  It is healthy to admit that conflict in the church is expected. What lessons can we learn from Paul and Mark that will help us deal with it?   Watch Here