September 2018

Power over Creation – Mark 4:35-41

Jesus has power over creation.  Therefore, He steps into the created order and makes changes.  The disciples are in awe, but they really have no idea who this man is in their midst.  The miracle of the storm shows us who Jesus is, which gives us reason to trust.

August 2018

Witness – Mark 4:21-34

Witness – God’s Kingdom is hidden in plain sight.  We do not know how the Holy Spirit is working and what he is doing.  Yet, The Kingdom of God  is working to produce the harvest that God intends. Even though there are small seeds sewn, the Kingdom success does not depend on our feeble efforts, […]

Reality of the World – Mark 4:1-20

Reality Of the World – For many, Jesus’ words go in one ear and out the other. In the parable of the sower, all the soils have heard the Word.  The sower has been successful in getting the seeds sown, what happens next depends on the soil. Therefore, how can we best sew the seeds […]

A Bigger Battle – Mark 3:7-35

A Bigger Battle – Jesus calls the 12 disciples, but they have to learn there is a difference between hanging around with Jesus and truly being with him. Their companionship is to lead to service that benefits others.  They are to become channels by which it touches others. Disciples follow Jesus and share the toils […]