May 2018

Celebrating The Lord’s Supper Prayer Service

There are many different perspectives or themes that explore the richness of the Lord’s Supper. We will explore 6 themes in the service: remembering, proclamation, fellowship, thanksgiving, self-examination, expectation.

April 2018

Love of God’s Word – Proverbs 3

God’s Wisdom is found in his Word. Knowing the word, and keeping it in your heart, then living it out, brings God’s blessings to our lives.

Love of God’s Word – Psalm 119

God has given us his word, the Bible, not just for the sake of giving us information. Through his word, God reveals himself. The author of Psalm 119 devotes himself to God’s instructions for life and holds onto God’s promises for obedient living. It is a call to be devoted to the word of God […]