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David – A Holy Mess


August 2020

Cutting Corners

It was just a corner of a robe.  But, David was “conscience-striken.”  Why?  Because David, like each of us, is called to follow and obey God in the little things, when it seems that it doesn’t matter.  And he realized that there are some things he is responsible for and some things only God is responsible for.


NOTE: The volume is low on this video and audio.  It was our first time streaming on Facebook.  It is best heard with earplugs or an amplified speaker.
1 Samuel 22:1-5
David has been brought to a place of suffering, a place where God can truly begin to shape him and use him.  Later we see that God used him, but what was it that caused this major change in his life?  

July 2020

Lions & Bears & Giants, oh my!

When things ahead of us look too big to overcome, who are we going to trust? We won’t face a giant in our life, but we will face times where we need to trust God. In the midst of intimidating experiences, will we do it our way or will we do it Gods?

A Heart Perspective

King Saul was a real work! So, God was going to replace him with a man after his own heart. But who is that and how is he chosen? Samuel, a prophet of God, has his own ideas, but listens to the Spirit as he chooses David.  
We look at the outward appearances. But, what does it mean that God looks at the heart?

July 2020

Obeying God When It Doesn’t Make Sense

2 Kings 5:19-27
Can God be trusted? When God leads and it doesn’t make any sense, can you trust him?
We will study Gehezi and see how God led him when he couldn’t understand what God was doing at all.

Obeying God When You Don’t Know Why

2 Kings 5:1-19
Can God be trusted? When God leads and you don’t know where he is calling, can you trust him?
We will look at Naaman, the King of Aram, and find out how he learned to trust God when you don’t understand “why?”


Living with the End in Mind


June 2020

Heavenly Rewards

Matthew 16:24-28
Heavenly Rewards
We are promised that we will be rewarded for what we have done. The Bible makes clear that
there will be rewards for our faithfulness in following Jesus that will last for eternity. How then
shall we live?

Watch here

The Scoreboard: Measuring the Godly Things

Matthew 25:14-30
The one with the most toys wins – maybe on this earth’s scoreboard. But that is not true with
God’s scoreboard. God’s scoreboard is particular to us, nothing will be hidden, and it may be

May 2020

Two Questions

Revelation 20:11-15
The Two Question Test at the End
The Final Exam – just two questions. When we die, we just have two questions that really
matter: 1) What did you do with Jesus? 2) What did you do with what God entrusted to you?

Emotional Lock Down


May 2020


Ephesians 4:26
Why you so angry, bro? What is it that makes us angry? We need to ask ourselves, “What is
being triggered in me that I am reacting this way?” But asking that question, and then digging
deeper, is not easy!

Worry and Anxiety

Philippians 4:6-7
The future is always uncertain. Sometimes we think that we have it figured out and we’re pretty
comfortable with it. But other times, the upcoming unknown causes worry and anxiety. How do
we best deal with these emotions?


Psalm 13
Lament is crying out to God as an expression of grief or loss. The Psalms and Lamentations
teach us how to wrestle with God when we have negative emotions. It’s honestly saying, “God,
this hurts!”